Kind by Name, Kind by Nature

Who, Why, When, Where?

The Kind Lifestyle Co. was created between two friends, Melissa and Karen, in September 2018. We both wanted to use products on our skin, on our children, and in our homes that are kinder to us and to the environment.  We also wanted to offer high quality ingredients that are pure, 100% natural and ethically sourced.


One of the driving factors behind starting Kind Lifestyle was a need to find products that help and ease eczema, due to some of our own children suffering from this skin condition. We are pleased to say that we have had great results for our customers, young and old, who live with eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, who are able to use all of the products in our range, due to the natural ingredients we rely on, and the absence of harsh synthetic chemicals


We needed to fit our blossoming business around our young families. It has been a struggle however (as any start up would probably concur) and sadly in September 2019 Karen made the difficult decision to step away for an extended hiatus, with the hope that she will return fully when life calms down a bit! She's still on hand for advice and ideas, so she's not completely gone.


All products are made with love and care at our HQ in Shenfield, Essex by Melissa. As individuals, and as a business, we are wholly committed to limiting our product waste, to the point where we are practically waste-neutral. Currently we do this by making only small batches of our creams. We also offer a pre-order system to customers, so that we never make too much. Look out for pre-order posts on our social media channels.


Our packaging is also extremely important to us and we minimise our single use plastic wherever possible. In fact, we only have a small amount of plastic on our serum/spray bottles and on our roller bottles, everything else is glass, card or other more-easily re-useable / recyclable materials. We accept all of our packaging back once you are finished with your product and we offer a reduced-cost refill service. Plus we will re-use any and all packaging wherever possible.


If you get your product sent to you via courier, you'll notice that we have re-purposed packaging from the business, so your box may not be shiny and new. Whilst it won't necessarily look as pretty, the benefits far outweigh the negatives, and we work on the assumption that our customers are like-minded on this matter, having an attitude towards packaging that is in line with our own. If pretty packaging is something you care about, then we are probably not the company for you! The products themselves are always beautifully presented, so that's the main thing in our humble opinion.


We only use recycled/eco-friendly and vegan approved labels/paper and we use them sparingly. Even the ribbon or string we use will have been re-purposed from something else. As you can see, we live by our motto of the three R's: REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE.


Our product range is purposefully small too, because of this ethos. We strongly believe that you don't need to use a thousand different creams to look after your skin; we aim to challenge the assumptions and suggestions created and exacerbated for profit by the beauty and health & wellness industries. All of our creams can be used on every part of the body, and we've had lots of lovely feedback from our loyal customers to this effect: that they use our hand and body cream as their face cream or as a lip balm for instance. It really depends on what you want from a cream and we are always happy to advise you on which product would suit you best.


For this, or if you'd like to get in touch about anything else, you can contact us via our social media channels @KindLifestyleCo


Thank you for taking the time to find out about our company,


Melissa Borris, Co-Founder & Director